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Creating a Beautiful Vignette

We should probably start with the definition of a vignette. In terms of interior design, a vignette is a small group of objects that are thoughtfully curated and displayed in your home. It’s essentially a collection of pieces that create one beautiful picture. There are a few keys to making these small scenes look effortlessly eye-catching.

Our client's beloved collection displayed at the French condo project

1. Choose objects that bring you joy. Do you have a bare open shelf or entry table? Don’t just buy items to fill the space. You, the home owner, will be the one that will look at those items more than any guest. Fill those spaces with items that bring you joy, a memento from your travels, a memory from your childhood, a favorite book.

Photo from our SLC Condo Renovation

2. Choose the “hero” item. What will be your statement piece? What object do you want to catch the viewer’s eye? We like statement pieces that are larger and maybe even a bit dramatic. Perhaps use a figurine, a large house plant in an ornate pot, a unique lamp, or a piece of art.

Photo from our Scandinavian Modern Cabin Project

3. Vary height and texture. It’s all about layering a variety of heights, textures, and types of accessories. For instance, use stacked books underneath a smaller accessory to add height. When it comes to texture play with contrast. For example, wood bead garland laying on the edge of a plaster bowl is a tiny use of contrast that lends to the beauty of your vignette.

Photo from our SLC Condo Renovation

4. Odd numbers. Groups of three or five work particularly well and are stronger visually than a group of two or four. Although we don’t quite understand the full science behind it, the brain finds smaller groupings of odd numbers more appealing and memorable. Too much symmetry, on the other hand, becomes overwhelming and uninviting.

Photo from our Scandinavian Modern Cabin Project

5. Backdrop. Artwork makes an impactful background to any vignette. Lean a piece against the wall behind your vignette to add another layer of interest. This will create depth to your display. Mirrors are also great items to use as a stunning backdrop.

Creating a vignette is a fun process full of experimenting. Try your hand at it and just have fun!

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