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Creating a Child's Homework Space

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Creating a customized homework station for your child can be one of the most creative and rewarding projects to do. Having their own space for creativity and learning helps improve kids ability to focus and gives you peace of mind that they have a space to get what they need to get done. In today’s post we’ll be sharing what we think the most important things to include are to make the perfect homework space for your children.

Our first tip for creating an amazing homework space is that location matters. A lot of the time there are areas in the house from a loft to an unused nook in the kitchen that would make the perfect study area and put some otherwise empty space to good use. It’s also important to consider that having a well lit space helps avoid strain on their eyes and keeps them energized, so putting it near a window with natural light is a great idea.

Creating a customizable space is ideal because you can adjust the height of desks and tables to match your kids height. It’s easier for them to focus and stay grounded when their feet are on the floor, so getting desks or even building your own that are the right height for them is critical to having a successful homework space. Fold up wall desks or floating desks that are easy to install are a great option to save space and easily customize height as well.

It’s also important to have plenty of storage space for everything from writing utensils and other school supplies to arts and crafts materials. Having everything they need within easy grasp will help them be more likely to work independently too! Getting creative with storage and including kid-height shelving on the walls above the desk is a good option to have everything displayed and within reach.

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Having a shared homework space is practical and also fun for your kids to be able to all sit together and learn. You might consider even taking this a step further and doing a shared work space with your kids as well so your time spent getting work done can be family time too.

Personalizing the homework space is an important and fun element to create a great learning environment. You don’t have to go too crazy with decorating, just add a few simple touches like a piece of art that reflects your kid’s personality or a sign with their name or first initial to show which desk is theirs. If you want to get extra creative you can add a wall map or some educational posters to stimulate learning and curiosity.

Whether it’s as simple as a built-in desk on an unused wall in your playroom or loft, or as elaborate as a custom-built row of desks, a space dedicated to learning will be a valuable addition to your home. What are some of your favorite things to include in a homework space?

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