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Key Elements to Mediterranean Design

Mediterranean style design is in, and we want to make sure you know all the basics of creating a Mediterranean make-over in your own home. If you like a simple, earthy and natural look, you’re going to love the design tips we have to share with you today! Whether you’re looking to do a full indoor renovation, to add some life to an outdoor space, or just wanting to switch up your decor a little this year, this one is for you! Read on to find out the key elements of Mediterranean style and how you can incorporate them in your own home.

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Neutral Colors are Key

Your core ingredient in creating the Mediterranean space of your dreams is a neutral color palette. Using primarily whites and creams with pops of earthy color and natural materials is a staple of the Mediterranean influence. Whitewashing walls to give them texture and letting the natural imperfections show through is another great element to include. Neutrals creates a clean, bright and airy look that keeps things feeling open, airy and relaxed, which is what Mediterranean style is all about.

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Indoor-Outdoor Flow

Which brings us to our next point! A key aspect of the Mediterranean style is an open feel that brings the outdoors inside. This can be achieved with large windows providing an ample view of your outdoor space, or large French doors leading out to a covered patio or balcony. But if you can’t make quite such drastic changes, you can also bring elements of the outdoors inside, such as greenery and other plants. A great way to incorporate this is by bringing in an olive or lemon tree. Put it in a terra cotta pot and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to the south of Italy.

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Raw Wood

Another critical element of the Mediterranean style is utilizing raw wood in your decorating. One of the most classic ways to include this is through the use of revealed timber in elements such as exposed beams, mantels and shelves. This will add an elegant unfinished look to your home. If you aren’t doing a full renovation yet, raw wood furniture such as coffee tables, bar stools or chairs does a great job of elevating the simplistic vibe. Wide plank wood flooring is also a great option to introduce this concept into your space.

Mix Your Materials

While the Mediterranean style is characterized by simplicity, it’s important to add diverse styling elements such as tile, ceramics or stone to enhance the look. Colorful glazed tile in your kitchen, handcrafted pottery or exposed stone over your fireplace are just some examples of how you can achieve this effect. Another important element to the Mediterranean style is including various shades of blue. Adding pops of blue in tiling and ceramics screams “relaxed summer countryside vibes” and is an easy way to make the Mediterranean style recognizable. You can also use natural, rustic colors like dark greens and yellows.

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Arches are a key architectural piece to the Mediterranean style. Whether it’s arched doorways in your home, or mimicked arches in things like bookshelves or art on your walls, the elegant shape is an essential part of transforming your home into a relaxed, Mediterranean inspired space.


Here’s the thing: less is more when it comes to living like the Mediterraneans. It’s more than a decor style, it’s a refreshing lifestyle of simplicity, well-being and relaxation. Make sure your home is free of clutter, and there is plenty of open space for you and your family to spread out and enjoy life. Keep your floors bare or stick to simple, woven mats. Use natural materials such as rattan, straw, linen and rope in your decor. Keep it simple so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the place you call home.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the Mediterranean way of doing things in this blog post. Which elements are you planning on incorporating?

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