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Lampshades 101

Light: it’s one of the core aspects to consider when creating a beautiful interior space. Whether you want it to feel warm and cozy or bright and breezy, creating ambient light sets the tone for your home and how you feel when you’re in it. But there’s more to lighting than just picking out light fixtures for the ceiling. Lamps sprinkle lighting throughout your home and add a touch of something beautiful to any space. The lampshade is just as important as the lamp itself (if not more), and picking the right shade for your lamp is an art all its own. In today’s blog post, we’ll be sharing our top tips for the lampshade beginner to help you select the perfect one for your needs.

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Size & Proportion

The proportion of shade to lamp is critical when choosing a lampshade. Lampshade height is measured from the bottom edge to the top edge of the shade, and as a general rule should be about 60-80% of the height of the lamp fixture. The lamp fixture is measured from the base of the lamp to the top of the neck. You’ll want to make sure that the hardware of the lamp is covered by the shade to ensure that the overall effect is well proportioned, as well as for aesthetic reasons. The diameter of your shade is also an important consideration, as one that is too narrow or small will look silly. You want to make sure the shade diameter is at least one half inch wider than the widest part of the base.

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The shape of the lamp is another important consideration when it comes to choosing a shade. Rounded lamps work best with round shades and a more geometric cut shade goes well with a straight lined base. When it comes to lampshades, bigger is usually better, so when in doubt go big! A lampshade that is too small for its base is never a good look.

Texture & Color

When choosing a material for your lampshade, linen and silk are the most common and best quality. Silk casts the prettiest light, especially when it’s in warm shades like red, gold and yellow, but it can also be expensive. Linen or even ivory paper shades are a great alternative option if you are looking for something more affordable. That being said, there are so many other great routes to go with lampshades, from glass to metal to wood, so don’t be afraid to get creative and create something unique to you.

A word about light bulbs

We recommend selecting warm LED bulbs with just about any lamp for that ideally inviting glow. No matter what material you choose,a warm bulb will be the finishing touch to create a beautiful look.

We hope you enjoyed our quick tips on how to pick the perfect lampshade for your indoor space. Here’s to many cozy, lamplit evenings to come!

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