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Making the Most of Minimal Space

Working with a small space can be a challenge design-wise, but we’ve all been there at one point or another. Whether you’re in the thick of apartment living or residing in a house that would be best described as cozy, sometimes even the cutest of small spaces can start feeling a little bit cramped. With the current tiny house trend sweeping across the world, we thought it would be a great time to share our best tips to making a small, cozy space feel like there’s just a bit more room to breathe.

Photo from Architectural Digest

Natural Light

Utilizing light is one of the best ways to make a small space feel more open. Even if you’re working with minimal windows, you can maximize the natural light that you do have by avoiding dark or heavy window draperies. Stick with light colored blinds that still let some light through. Using sheer fabrics in your decor can also up the brightness of a room.

If you’re totally in the dark when it comes to natural lighting, bright daylight bulbs can also lighten up your space. Glass or otherwise transparent light fixtures are helpful too since they allow light to shine through with less diffusion.

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Speaking of glass, nothing opens up a space and adds dimension like a mirror! Even a small mirror above a fireplace will go a long way, but you can also get creative by adding a reflective top to your coffee table, or even purchasing a mirrored piece of furniture like a bureau to reflect the space back to you.

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Color Palette

The colors you use when decorating go a long way towards brightening and opening up a space. You’ll want to stick to a light toned or neutral color palette. Whites, beiges and even light blues and greens are great for creating that airy vibe in any room.

When choosing furniture, make sure to stick with a consistent, low contrast color palette. While contrasting colors tend to make a room feel small and cozy, furniture that matches or closely resembles the shade of the walls helps open up a space.

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Furniture Size

If you’re trying to make a room feel bigger, less is more when it comes to furniture. We recommend picking a few large, simple pieces to use as a focal point for the room, rather than having a lot of smaller things that promote a cluttered feel.

Furniture placement has an impact on how big a space feels as well. Make sure that you aren’t blocking any of the room’s entrances. Keeping walkways free will promote that open and airy feel you’re looking for.

Photo from House Beautiful

Eliminate Clutter

This one is important! You want to make sure that your space is only full of the pieces that bring something to the room; anything else has to go. The more minimally decorated the room is and the cleaner it feels, the bigger it will feel. So get Marie Kondo -ing and let go of whatever isn’t bringing you joy.

We hope you enjoyed our tips for expanding a smaller space. We’re curious–what do you think about the idea of a tiny home?

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