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Maple Lake: Coffee Table Styling

So you've found the perfect coffee table, or in this case, a massive traveling trunk acting as a coffee table, and now what? A coffee table is the centerpiece of your living room and a great space to share your personal style. Sometimes having a blank space can feel overwhelming but don't stress, we are here to help. Below are a few of our go-to objects to make styling your coffee table a breeze.

Objects that bring Joy

We've spoken about this before, when creating any type of vignette in your home, choose objects that bring you joy. Don’t just buy items to fill the space. You, the home owner, will be the one that will look at those items more than any guest. Fill those spaces with items that bring you joy: a memento from your travels, a family photo album, a favorite book.

Decorative Bowls

There are so many ways to fill and use decorative bowls. Place potpourri, driftwood, a favorite collection, or do what we did at Maple Lake, place antique bocci balls inside. Bowls are great to change things up with the seasons, ie dried berries in the Fall and ornaments in December. Have young kids? Fill a decorative bowl with wooden tops.


Stacking books on a coffee table creates dimension. Opt for books that may interest you and your guests. If you really want to encourage guests to flip through the pages of a book, open one to a page you particularly love and place a paperweight on top, book-marking it for all to see. Make sure to check back next week to see a list of some of our favorite coffee table books.

Decorative Beads

Known as the "jewelry for your home," we love using decorative beads to add texture and color to the decor. Decorative beads can be placed on a stack of books, hanging out of a decorative tray or bowl, or placed around the neck of a vase.

Faux Florals

The key here is faux. The area around a coffee table is a high-traffic space. Having real flowers in a vase full of water in the center of a living room sounds like an accident waiting to happen. This tip isn't just for households with children. Adults are prone to bump into things too and no one wants a guest to feel embarrassed if they break a vase. If you are local to Utah, we usually find good faux florals at The Garden Store (Salt Lake City), Brumbles and Blossoms (Provo) and Noble House (Bountiful).

What are your go-to objects when styling a coffee table?

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