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Maple Lake Laundry Room Tour

The laundry room is one of the rooms that really pushes you as an interior designer and makes you stretch your creativity muscles. The client picked this Cole and Sons chamber angels wallpaper really early on in the process and was open to our creativity for the rest of the room. It is not a typical wallpaper you see in laundry rooms and it has a lot of color and pattern with a very interesting style. We went big and bold and the client absolutely loved it.

We custom matched the cabinet paint to a color in the wallpaper and chose a reclaimed terracotta floor tile to help ground the room. The latticework on the cabinetry was hand turned and assembled by an artisan in Eygpt which perfectly highlighted the clients' global travels and love of art.

We hope this room stretches your imagination. It's a space that is bold and beautiful and one that hopefully makes laundry day much more fun!

Notable materials & trades:

Builder: Davies Design Build

Design: J|B Design Atelier

Photos: Jared Medley Photography

Cole and Sons Chamber Angels Wallpaper

Wall color: Stony Ground by Farrow & Ball

Cabinet color: custom made

Flooring: vintage french terracotta

Latticework: Etsy- Arabian Home Deco

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