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Oh Christmas Tree!

To us, a Christmas tree is like a blank canvas, or a completely empty room, ready for thoughtful design. Even if your tree is a collection of childhood ornaments, it can still feel cohesive as well as festive and cozy. We recently decorated the Maple Lake home for Christmas. Here are some of the photos of the "woodland creatures" tree we completed with a step- by-step guide to trimming a tree.

Find your style

Let's start with getting those ideas flowing. When you see decorated trees, what tends to appeal to you the most? Are you drawn to whimsical designs, traditional ornaments, a rustic vibe? Do you prefer simpler tree designs or do you prefer highly embellished trees?

Choose a color palette

You've found your style, so now let’s talk about choosing a color palette. We love a color palette as they help to maintain consistency & create a cohesive design. For this step, think about your surroundings & the style you are going for. If you are using a collection of family ornaments, or others that are eclectic, don't fret. Simply repeat a solid color throughout the entire tree to bring it all together. For example, use the same holly berry picks throughout the tree or a solid colored ribbon to create cohesion.

Add texture

We like to add garland, picks, and /or sprays to bring in some extra dimension and texture before adding any ornaments. Nestle picks and garland in between tree branches to fill in gaps. Start with the largest and longest picks near the bottom of the tree.


We recommend hanging ornaments in a particular order. Start by nestling large tree ornaments first and then follow up with medium sized ones, and finally filling in with the smallest ones. We all love detailed ornaments but don't discount solid colored ornaments. Solid ornaments help the tree look unified and balanced & should be spread equally throughout the tree.

Tree Topper

Tree toppers have evolved over time and although we love a traditional star or angel, there are so many options when it comes to topping the tree. Some other ideas we love include adding twigs, sprays, ribbons, bows or something different that ties into your theme. For the "woodland creatures" tree, we topped it with this red cardinal.

We'll be sharing even more festive Christmas tree inspiration pictures on Instagram throughout the next month, so make sure you’re following along!

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